ObamaCare online: This turkey’s not done yet

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THIS TURKEY’S NOT DONE YET - ObamaCare’s online home will not be fixed by Saturday’s deadline, set by President Obama when the signup site for his signature entitlement crashed last month. But an administration spokeswoman boasted that “it will work much better than it did in October,” the Hill reports. Still, visitors could face intermittent problems and periods of “sub-optimal” performance. NYT says administration officials acknowledge that measures to safeguard users’ identities are still behind schedule. Data threats, poor performance and sliding expectations will not help the president as he tries to prevent a delay in enrollment deadlines. Even liberal Democrats are opening the door to delaying the fines for uninsured Americans who fail to purchase ObamaCare. Fox News has more.

[Washington Examiner’s Byron York: “…[T]he unavoidable truth is that Obamacare will hurt millions of Americans… The problem is, President Obama and his Democratic allies neglected to tell the public… It's taking a toll on the president's ratings… But much more importantly, it has entirely changed the way people view Obamacare..”]

Micromanager - From Bloomberg’s onpass of White House talking points about the president being intently focused on the ObamaCare Web site: “In the weekly Thursday update meetings, Obama peppered his aides with queries at a level of detail that surprised some of them. He’d ask questions like ‘did they get Wave A and Wave B in?’ referring to the title that developers gave a typical round of fixes -- each with some 30 different components.  He also brought his community organizer’s mindset to the sessions. At a Nov. 14 meeting… Obama wanted to distinguish between technical problems and other issues. If people weren’t completing applications, he wanted to know what beyond website errors could be preventing that. Were people confused, was it that the form is too complicated, were there too many options, did someone need to follow up with a phone call?”

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