Obama's pen strikes again

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As he promised in his State of the Union address, President Obama on Wednesday signed an executive order raising the minimum wage for workers on new federal contracts to $10.10 an hour as part of his "phone and pen" strategy to act without Congress' approval.

At a White House event promoting the move, Obama surrounded himself with workers whom he said would benefit, and recited his now-standard argument for a minimum-wage hike: “In the wealthiest nation on Earth, nobody who works full-time should have to live in poverty ... We’ve got to make sure that the economy rewards hard work for every American."

Even if it were not arguably illegal for him to do this, the action has already been revealed as an empty political gesture. In the White House's own words, this wage hike will only affect "a couple hundred thousand" workers.

But who will stop him? Nobody's stepped forward so far.

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