Occupier arraigned for assaulting cop

Aubrey Whelan

An Occupy DC protester charged with felony assault on a police officer was arraigned in D.C. Court Monday after he alledgedly struck a U.S. Park Police officer in the face with a bottle, according to court documents.

Jeremiah Desausa, of Brooklyn, N.Y., is now being held without bond. He is also charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and has a preliminary hearing scheduled for Friday.

According to court documents, Desausa threw a bottle "full of brown liquid" at a group of officers standing on a traffic median in K Street during a scuffle that ensued as officers attempted to move protesters out of McPherson Square in a raid on the Occupy D.C. camp Saturday.

The bottle struck Lt. Gregory Monahan in the face, causing swelling to his right eye and a bloody nose, according to court documents.

Police had initially said that the item that struck Monahan was a brick.

Monahan was flown to a hospital for treatment. The injury "seriously compromised his vision from that eye," court documents show.

In an interview after his arrest, Desausa told police that he had thrown the bottle but said he wasn't trying to hit anyone. He said he was trying to throw the bottle away, according to court documents.

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