On further review, FIFA moves ahead with goal-line technology

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It will come as little solace to Frank Lampard or Marko Devic that FIFA will introduce goal-line technology at the 2013 Confederations Cup in Brazil and the World Cup that takes place there the following year.

A video review shouldn't have been necessary for Lampard's strike for England against Germany at the World Cup in South Africa three years ago. What should have been a 2-2 tie after his ball hit the crossbar and bounced over the line instead turned into a 4-1 loss. But the English also had their own dose of fortune during last summer's European championships when Devic's shot for the Ukraine was ruled incorrectly in a game England won 1-0.

The list of grievances finally grew too long for FIFA, which is begrudgingly moving into the 21st century. But it isn't a matter of soccer becoming more sophisticated or FIFA suddenly growing progressive. It's just pressure catching up with an antiquated and corruptible governing body that is moving even slower toward the same level of transparency that it's finally bringing to the field.

- Craig Stouffer

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