On last day, Heritage's Feulner calls Obama 'Euro-socialist'

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Politics,Paul Bedard,Washington Secrets

Forty years after he helped found the Heritage Foundation, the dominant conservative think tank, President Ed Feulner issued his last memo Wednesday, urging his side to crank up the fight against President Obama and progressives.

"Yes, progressives are on the offensive, aggressively trying to remake our country using a Euro-socialist mold. But this is why we must now redouble our efforts, not lessen or abandon them," Feulner wrote.

President since 1977, four years after Heritage opened its doors, Feulner noted that one of his big successes was getting former President Clinton to back welfare reform. "Eventually he signed our reform into law -- and then bragged about it as one of the highlights of his presidency!" said Feulner.

"Not so President Obama, who has gutted the heart of the reform by getting rid of the work provisions. Our response? We are fighting hard on all fronts to put back the provisions, because we know from our research that unconditional government assistance hurts far more than it helps the needy and society," wrote Feulner.

He is being replaced by former South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint, a Tea Party fave.

After some travel, Feulner will stay on with new title of chancellor and also chairman of Heritage's Asian Studies Center. On Monday, the organization placed a bust of Feulner in the Founder's Lobby at its D.C. headquarters.