Only 29% would re-elect Congress, an all-time low

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A “throw the bums out” mood is starting to grab voters, with just 29 percent ready to re-elect their member of Congress and only 22 percent believing that their lawmaker is the best person for the job, both historic lows, according to a depressing new poll.

Rasmussen Reports also found that just 1 percent believe Congress is doing an “excellent” job, with an overwhelming 91 percent rating Congress at fair to poor.

Still, the terrible congressional approval numbers are unlikely to break the historic trend of most lawmakers winning re-election. This year, according to other polls, Democrats are mostly in trouble due to the public's disapproval of President Obama and his Obamacare.

According to Rassmussen:

– 29 percent believe their House member deserves reelection; 43 percent don’t.

– 22 percent said their lawmakers are the best person for the job; 46 percent said theirs lawmaker aren't.

– 18 percent said Congress cares about what Americans think; 64 percent said they don’t.

– 24 percent said their lawmakers care about what constituents think; 52 percent said they don’t.

– 66 percent believe election rules are rigged to benefit incumbents.

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