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Fight federal abuse of property rights by making the government obey its own rules

By Ron Arnold | 04/15/14 06:55 PM

Cliven Bundy marched into my life one Friday morning in January 1992 in a protest bound for a federal courthouse in Las Vegas. He held up one side of a street-width banner that asked, “Has the West been won or has the fight just begun?”
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Rubio, not Bush, is the right name for the GOP in 2016

By Noemie Emery | 04/15/14 06:03 PM

Let's get one thing clear: If someone could wave a wand and make Jeb Bush president it would be a very good thing for the world and this country. As his mother said, he is the best-prepared person.
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Obama talks about pay gap, but then punishes working mothers

By Timothy P. Carney | 04/15/14 06:26 PM

If President Obama truly cares about fair compensation for women, he should stop penalizing mothers in the federal workforce every time it snows. Allowing private employers to give working moms more flexible hours would help, too.
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