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A casino mogul and Baptists team up against online gambling

By Timothy P. Carney | 04/19/14 07:58 PM

Last month, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham proposed gambling legislation that was written by a lobbyist for casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson.
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Oklahoma's T.W. Shannon: A fresh black conservative voice

By Star Parker | 04/18/14 03:42 PM

In January 2013, T.W. Shannon established two milestones. He became the first black speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives. And, at the age of 34, he became Oklahoma's youngest House speaker in history.
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Time bombs in Democratic coalition

By Mona Charen | 04/18/14 10:44 AM

The Republican Party is roiling with internal conflicts, say the analysts. The Tea Party is confronting the establishment. The noninterventionists are at war (forgive the expression) with the interventionists. The libertarians would like the party to endorse same-sex marriage.
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