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Obama pays price for inaction on immigration law

By Michael Barone | 07/13/14 05:00 PM

The flood of underage--and non-underage--illegal immigrants from Central America coming across the border in Texas is, to paraphrase a former Obama administration official, a "man-caused disaster." The man who caused it, more than anyone else, is Barack Obama.
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Immigrants ignore U.S. immigration laws because Obama won't enforce them

By James Jay Carafano | 07/13/14 05:00 PM

It became her mantra. The U.S. border with Mexico, Janet Napolitano would say, "has never been more secure." First uttered in 2010 during Congressional testimony, she repeated it often for the remainder of her tenure as Homeland Security Secretary.
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Like Cleveland, Mitt Romney may be on a comeback

By Hugh Hewitt | 07/13/14 05:49 PM

Who will capture the momentum Cleveland is enjoying and give the closing speech in late June or mid-July as the GOP convention comes to a close?
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