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Export-Import Bank justifies subsidies with useless job numbers

By Timothy P. Carney | 07/29/14 05:00 PM

"This is so important," Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., said about reauthorizing the Export-Import Bank, "because 85,000 Washington state jobs hang in the balance. That is how many jobs have been supported here in the state by the Export-Import Bank.
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Illegal immigration is a money-maker for everyone but taxpayers

By Ron Arnold | 07/29/14 06:15 PM

With the immigration crisis, American politics is degenerating into a surreal drama of criminal hubris, strategic cunning and livid stupidity.
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Obamacare's Scott Brown moment is still not over

By Noemie Emery | 07/29/14 06:11 PM

With a new Supreme Court challenge looming, and more cases coming, Obamacare remains an unresolved issue four years after passage. Our long Scott Brown moment is not over yet.
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