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GOP internal debate: Is party repeating mistakes of 1998?

By Byron York | 07/28/14 05:20 PM

For anyone who was around, it's hard to compare 1998 -- the year of the Lewinsky scandal, the Starr Report, and Bill Clinton's impeachment -- with any other year. Yet there are reasons both Republicans and Democrats are thinking about 1998 as they head into this fall's elections.
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Will the NLRB super-size Big Labor's fast food industry push?

By Sean Higgins | 07/28/14 06:06 PM

Big Labor has put a lot of time and money behind unionizing the fast food industry but hasn't had much to show for it so far. But, they might get a lucky break when a federal government agency decides a case that could rewrite corporate franchising law.
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Conservatives would do well to resurrect Ronald Reagan's Middle East policy

By Gene Healy | 07/28/14 05:00 PM

When likely 2016 contenders Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., and Texas Gov. Rick Perry squared off for an op-ed duel on the Iraq crisis recently, it quickly degenerated into a rapid-fire "Reagan-off."
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