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Examiner Editorial: Obamacare's future is more precarious than President Obama lets on

By Washington Examiner | 04/24/14 05:35 AM

Over the past several weeks, President Obama has repeatedly declared the debate concerning the repeal of his signature health care law "over." And, to be sure, there is a certain rationale to his confidence.
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What Republicans need most of all for 2016: Competence

By Jed Babbin | 04/23/14 02:51 PM

We knew very little about Barack Obama when he ran for president because he'd accomplished nothing of importance before he did.
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Dishonesty won't help moderates win over Republican voters

By David Freddoso | 04/23/14 05:49 PM

Former Rep. Steve LaTourette, R-Ohio, made quite a splash in November when he promised to raise and spend $8 million through his Defending Main Street PAC to fight off Tea Party candidates in Republican primaries.
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