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Emails reveal potty mouth behind Lois Lerner's inquisition against the Right: Examiner Editorial

By Washington Examiner | 07/31/14 05:00 PM

Lois Lerner is famous for pleading the Fifth before a congressional committee, checking with IT staff to make sure her messages were not retrievable under the Freedom of Information Act, and disposing of her office hard drive after it was allegedly damaged in what would be an incredibly fortunate...
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Halbig challenge to Obamacare provides a lesson in humility

By Philip Klein | 07/31/14 02:01 PM

However the Halbig v. Burwell case on Obamacare subsidies turns out legally, the public debate should be a lesson in humility.
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Bad policies are their own worst enemy

By Steve Chapman | 07/31/14 10:38 AM

Newspaper editorials rarely make news — I've been writing them for a long time, and, believe me, I know — but one did the other day, when the New York Times came out for legalization of marijuana.
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