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Examiner Editorial: IRS should collect taxes, leave political speech alone

By Washington Examiner | 04/16/14 05:28 PM

Silk purses can sometimes be made from sow's ears, but such an outcome will never happen with the proposed IRS nonprofit oversight rule that would put the federal tax agency in the role of regulating First Amendment freedom of speech and association.
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What will US do to counter China's space offensive?

By Jed Babbin | 04/16/14 05:04 PM

Visiting Chinese air force headquarters on Monday, Chinese President Xi Jinping reportedly told officers "… to speed up air and space integration and sharpen their offensive and defensive capabilities."
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Colorado abortion bill would block new safety rules for clinics

By David Freddoso | 04/16/14 06:31 PM

Denver Archbishop Samuel Aquila sounded the alarm this week about a new bill in Colorado's state legislature. The measure, known as SB 175, is designed to prevent any future restrictions on abortion whatsoever - apparently including basic measures to protect the health and safety of patients.
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