Oprah Says She "Danced For Hours" on The Butler Set

August 06, 2013 AT 5:37 PM
From a TV queen to a dancing queen! That's right, when Oprah Winfrey hit the big screen she really let loose! For her new role as Gloria Gaines in The Butler, Oprah admits she put her own self aside and really got into character. "The fact that he [Lee Daniels] can make me--for a dance scene that now lasts less than 40 seconds, dance for six hours straight, and is going ' Faster, faster! More, More!' I think he gets a kick out of it." The big screen's not the only place O is letting her hair down. Check out the 3 1/2 pound wig she rocks on the cover of O Magazine, and the hair 'do she wore to The Butler's New York City premiere on Monday night!