Oprah Winfrey Gives Away a Car on Jimmy Kimmel Live

wochit entertainment
August 15, 2013 AT 4:26 AM
Oprah Winfrey just can't control herself when it comes to giving cars away. On Jimmy Kimmel Live , the talk show mogul and star of The Butler told the late-night host, "I just got that feeling again. You know, that feeling." Jimmy, like most of us who don't gift vehicles on the reg, was a bit confused. "Should we stop?" he asked. PHOTO: Hot! How amazing does Oprah look at The Butler premiere? "No, no, no," Oprah said. "I really didn't want it to happen here?but I'm getting it." She then hand selected a member of the audience. "You, lady in the blue! You, come up here a minute, please." The woman?Britney?joined Oprah on the stage. "This is what I wanna say to you," Oprah started. "You?you get a car!"