Oregon to investigate the burning of aborted babies for electricity

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Update below: Lila Rose, president of Live Action, responds.

Earlier this week, news broke of an energy plant in Marion County, Ore., receiving aborted babies from British Columbia to burn for electricity.

Thursday, county officials said they were seeking an investigation into how such a horrific practice was able to continue unnoticed for five to seven years.

Yesterday, the county ordered the energy plant to stop burning the “medical waste,” which included amputated limbs, cancerous tissue and even aborted babies.

At an emergency meeting earlier Thursday, which was attended by members of Oregon Right to Life, County Commissioner Janet Carlson said she was “horrified” to learn of the “waste-to-energy” program.

“I am horrified. There are not enough strong words to describe my feelings. This will not continue. … I don’t even want to call it ‘material;' these are babies,” Carlson said.

Carlson also reportedly said she would launch an investigation into “who knew, when they knew and how long they knew.”

ORL said it would attend the public hearing for the new ordinance prohibiting the use of aborted babies for electricity. On its Facebook page, ORL said it was happy that practice was being banned.

“We could not be happier with the response of the Marion County Commissioners to the news that aborted and miscarried babies are being disposed of in Brooks, Oregon,” ORL said.

The story was first reported Monday in the British Columbia Catholic.

Update, 5 p.m.: Lila Rose, president of the anti-abortion group Live Action, sent the Washington Examiner a response to the horrific news:

"Of course everyone should be outraged and sickened by the baby-burning plant in Oregon. But what is worse — that these babies' bodies are being burned, or that these babies are being killed in the first place? Desecration of a corpse is a sad crime, but stripping an innocent pre-born child of her life is an injustice far more grave.

"We will find all sorts of horrifying fallout like this from a culture that condemns 'unwanted' innocent children as trash. But it's the death-peddling abortion industry and a post-Roe culture that are the root problem. Those who cringe from the human smoke in Oregon should turn their attention away from this symptom and toward the actual disease. Every day in Oregon and beyond, thousands more precious lives are at stake."

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