Outlaw Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy leaves GOP

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Cliven Bundy, the Nevada rancher who gained notoriety in April for his standoff with the Bureau of Land Management, has announced he is leaving the Republican Party.

The 68-year-old rancher, who owes the BLM nearly $1 million in grazing fees, won early praise from GOP lawmakers for his standoff with armed Interior Department officers. Republicans later distanced themselves from Bundy after he suggested "the negro" was better off a slave.

Bundy and his wife Carol signed new registration forms at an event held by the Independent American Party. The event was billed by organizers as a celebration of Bundy's "courage for standing up for state sovereignty."

"I haven't got much good out of the Democrats and the Republicans so I decided to try a new one," Bundy told the AP of his departure.

A minor party founded in Utah, the far-right IAP promises to work with other "patriot groups and organizations" to restore state sovereignty and preserve the nation's Judeo-Christian heritage. The Washington Post reports the IAP is the fastest growing party in Nevada, though its membership still sits below 100,000.

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