Outraged Sen. Durbin refuses to explain why God was taken out of Democratic platform

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Sen. Dick Durbin D-Ill. lashed out at Fox News’ Bret Baier this evening, after Baier asked him why the word “God” was taken out of the Democratic platform.

“Well, I can just basically tell you if the narrative that is being presented on your station and through your channel and your network is that the Democrats are godless people, they ought to know better,” Durbin fired back at Baier. “God is not a franchise of the Republican Party.”

Baier insisted that he was not drawing conclusions, but noted that the word God was mentioned in the 2008, 2004, and 2000 platform.

Durbin again refused to answer the question, demanding that if Baier was “trying to draw some conclusion that the Democrats are godless,” he need to present “evidence.”

“I’m just telling you, you are harping on a trifle,” Durbin said, adding that the Democratic Party platform was “the most unread document in the history of American politics.”

Baier defended his question, noting that Democrats offered scrutiny over the Republican platform just last week.

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