P90X creator gets Congress in shape

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P90X creator Tony Horton is a good judge of who can "bring it." His fitness routine-turned-fad, thanks to those famous late-night infomercials, has brought him clientele including Bruce Springsteen, Usher and members of Congress, as he promises results in 90 days, without machines.

Horton worked 25 members of Congress for 45 minutes at the House gym through a grueling routine of arms, abs, legs and cardio Thursday.

"Heath Shuler and Paul Ryan are, on either side of the aisle, guys that really know how to bring it," Horton told Yeas & Nays, singling out two of his biggest fans.

In general, Washington's politicos held up rather well against Hollywood's celebrities.

"Compared to most of my celebrity clients, I'm from Hollywood, there are a lot of divas and a lot of prima donnas, they want to be treated with kid gloves a lot of the time, but the congressmen work really hard, they are very impressive I have to say," Horton said.

Horton also filmed a public service announcement for the National Press Club's annual 5K race. He will be the race marshal for the July fundraiser. He heads to Andrews Air Force Base to get members of the military in shape Friday.

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