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Pakistan is still deciding the fate of a doctor who helped the CIA gather intelligence in Abbottabad before the Navy SEAL mission that killed Osama bin Laden, according to news accounts.

Dr. Shakeel Afridi used the cover of a vaccination campaign in an effort to get DNA samples from residents of bin Laden's compound. The goal was to add weight to the prospect that the bin Laden family was in the compound before launching the May mission.

A government commission in Pakistan recommended in October that Afridi be charged with high treason. But since then there has been little movement in the case.

Pakistan officials have confirmed that Afridi is being held by national police.

The CIA reportedly recruited the doctor to obtain DNA that could be compared to a sample from bin Laden's sister, who died in Boston in 2010.

Nurses, who apparently did not realize the operation was a ruse, went door to door in the area offering innoculations against hepatitis. In the end, no DNA was gathered from the compound used by bin Laden and his family.

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