Pakistani woman burned alive for refusing marriage proposal

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A 20-year-old woman was doused with gasoline and set on fire after her family refused the marriage proposal of a 26-year-old man, according to the Express Tribune.

Fayyaz Hussain was taken into custody by police after he allegedly set Sidra Shaukat on fire following her family's rejection of his marriage proposal. Shaukat was taken to a hospital after the attack but died on the way.

Shaukat's father said he rejected the proposal because Hussain was from a different caste, or social class.

“According to our customs, those who give their daughters in marriage to a different biradari are socially boycotted,” Shaukat Ali said. “Due to this, I rejected Hussain’s proposal for marriage with my daughter. In order to take revenge, he forced his way into our home on Saturday night, doused Sidra in gasoline and set her on fire."

This is the latest example of violence against women in Pakistan and the second marriage-based murder in the Punjab province of Pakistan in the past week. Also over the weekend, two newlyweds were hacked to death with a butcher's knife for marrying without the bride's family's consent.

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