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Park rangers, cancer researchers can't work during shutdown, but union reps can?

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There's a reason why Americans think the current government shutdown is worse than the previous shutdown in 1995 -- and the lack of compromise or negotiations are not the only reason.

One reason the current shutdown seems worse is that President Obama has selectively decided to shut down popular memorials and threatened to veto bills that would fund national parks and cancer research. And now he's decided to let union representatives return to work and receive a regular paycheck.

That's right, while the National Park Service has shut down open-air monuments like the World War II memorial and the Normandy cemetery (which remained open in past shutdowns), the Obama administration has allowed furloughed workers who are union representatives go back to work.

“On Friday OPM issued updated guidance that provides several carefully crafted carve-outs for furloughed government workers to perform union work on official, paid time,” the Washington Examiner's Susan Crabtree wrote.

So now union work has been deemed "essential"?

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