Paul Wharton makes cameo on 'Celebrity Apprentice,' denies cheating

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Local television personality and "D.C. Housewives" alum Paul Wharton is easily identifiable by his long, lion's mane of hair, so it wasn't hard to notice him when he played a small part in last week's episode of "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice."

Wharton was called in to aid his friend, reality star Omarosa, who needed to sell art created by the "celebrities" for big money. She failed, getting "fired" by boss Donald Trump. But beforehand, it looked like she and Wharton were involved in some shady dealings when trying to sell said art.

"I was as shocked to see that as anybody else was," Wharton told Yeas & Nays Wednesday, referring to the clip where it looks like Omarosa is handing off her own money to Wharton in order to out-fundraise her teammates. "She never gave me any of her own money," Wharton said. "I was trying to get other people in the gallery to do a timeshare with me with the artwork."

Wharton said that being on the late "Real Housewives of D.C." prepared him for dubious editing. "I just find that they kind of piece it together," he said. "And also, what was surprising to me about that is if there was any shady business going on, I believe it would have come out in the boardroom," Wharton concluded.

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