Paula Broadwell’s awkward interview with Don Imus in January

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Paula Broadwell, the author of General David Petraeus’ biography “All in,” did a number of interviews about her book during her affair with Petraeus, which was exposed over the weekend.

During a January interview with Don Imus on FOX Business, Broadwell was asked about Petraeus’ wife Holly.

The transcript of that interview is below:

IMUS: Is he married?

BROADWELL: He is married to Holly Petraeus, who is a wonderful Military spouse and done so much for their children and for children of fallen soldiers, I respect her immensely.

IMUS: So he must have liked you obviously and you obviously liked him, I guess.

BROADWELL: Yes, it was a– you know, as I said earlier, he has a number of mentees and that’s one thing that’s different when you compare him to other Senior Commanders, he looks at the organization, the military as an organization and is willing to take ideas from any rank, not that my ideas were that good, but, yeah, we had a lot of rapport. I think some of that comes from a common ground of having gone to West Point.

IMUS: Right.

IMUS: Why the title “All In”?

BROADWELL: I think that captures his philosophy towards life and service and regardless of his rank as I sort of traced his live history. He goes all in and he works, you know, the– as far as the hours he puts in, so are many troopers, but he really puts the nation first and foremost and embraces the West Point mantra of duty, honor country and I was trying to capture something that personified the way that he viewed life, that’s all in.

IMUS: What kind of running do you do?

BROADWELL: What kind of running do you do?

IMUS: I don’t do much running anymore, do you run marathon?

BROADWELL: No, I run eight miles a day.

IMUS: What kind of splits?

BROADWELL: For my miles? Well, try to get down to run a six minute mile but in general I train around a seven minute mile.

IMUS: Your arms look good, like my wife’s arms. It looks like you’re in shape.

BROADWELL: And let’s bring it back to the book–

. . .

IMUS: You know, you don’t need me to tell you this, but somebody ought to do a book about you. Have you been on 60 Minutes.

BROADWELL: Just a soccer mom having a good time, Imus.

IMUS: Have you been on 60 Minutes?

BROADWELL: No, I haven’t.

IMUS: I bet you will be. Good for you, you made me he want to read it.

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