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  • McKeon backs Syria airstrikes

    Kelly Cohen | 09/23/14 07:52 AM

    McKeon has been a strong supporter of action against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, saying the U.S. must "go all-in" to defeat it.

  • Joint Chiefs chair: 'No safe haven' for militants

    09/23/14 07:46 AM

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Combined U.S.-Arab airstrikes at the heart of the Islamic State group's military strongholds in Syria achieved their strategic aim of showing the extremists that their savage attacks will not go unanswered, the top American military officer said Tuesday. The U.S. and five Arab...

  • Obama orders international federal programs, investments to consider climate change

    Zack Colman | 09/22/14 11:55 PM

    NEW YORK — Federal agencies will need to factor how the effects of climate change, such as rising sea levels, drought, floods and other extreme weather linked to it, would affect international development programs and investments under a new executive order President Obama will issue Tuesday,...

  • Accused White House intruder armed in July arrest

    09/23/14 05:02 AM

    WASHINGTON (AP) — A former Army soldier who allegedly hopped a White House fence, dashed across the North Lawn and entered the executive mansion was arrested two months earlier in rural Virginia, heavily armed and carrying a map with a circle drawn around the White House. It was one of two...

  • A new urgency on homegrown terror threats

    Brian Hughes | 09/22/14 08:54 PM

    President Obama at a United Nations Security Council summit this week will urge other world powers to do more to monitor breeding grounds for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

  • Report: Extremist threats more advanced and diffused

    Charles Hoskinson | 09/22/14 08:04 PM

    The report notes that homegrown extremists remain a threat, and there are emerging threats from new technologies, such as cyberterrorism and the use of social media to recruit potential terrorists, as well as the persistent desire of extremists to gain control of chemical, biological or nuclear...

  • Christie still faces challenges for 2016

    David M. Drucker | 09/22/14 11:47 PM

    For New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, the rain may have subsided but the storm clouding the Republican's once sterling presidential prospects has yet to clear.

  • U.S. begins airstrikes against Islamic State in Syria

    Justin Green | 09/22/14 09:57 PM

    The Pentagon announced Monday that U.S. and coalition nations have begun airstrikes in Syria against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

  • New Hampshire Republican Party adds 'personhood' to official platform

    Rebecca Berg | 09/22/14 09:19 PM

    The platform now states: "Support the unborn child's fundamental right to life and establish that, in NH law, personhood begins at conception."

  • Treasury: New tax changes to stop inversions

    Joseph Lawler | 09/22/14 07:01 PM

    In a highly anticipated executive action, Lew said the Treasury Department was taking "initial steps that we believe will make companies think twice" about moving their headquarters abroad for tax purposes.