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  • Lawmakers demand answers from Secret Service chief

    Susan Crabtree | 09/29/14 10:35 PM

    Secret Service Director Julia Pierson will be on the hot seat Tuesday morning after lawmakers rejected her request that the hearing be held in a closed, classified forum.

  • New trial will shine light on 2008 bailout of insurance giant AIG

    Joseph Lawler | 09/29/14 07:18 PM

    Mark Calabria, the director of financial regulation studies at the Cato Institute, said, "I suspect the suspicion that AIG was assisted to help its counter-parties will be reinforced. I suspect we will also learn that the regulators were making —Žit all up as they went along."

  • Holder announces program on Chicago crime

    Susan Ferrechio | 09/29/14 04:35 PM

    Outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder Monday announced a new federal program to target high-crime cities, including Chicago, Ill., where shootings and other violent crime have skyrocketed.

  • IRS agents' failure to track down delinquent taxpayers cost billions in 2012

    Susan Ferrechio | 09/29/14 08:04 PM

    The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration or TIGTA, conducted the review and found that agents were "not always completely researching cases before closing them as uncollectible."

  • Ugly Senate fight could await Obama's attorney general nominee

    Byron York | 09/29/14 06:02 PM

    The White House claims there is ample precedent for a lame-duck nomination. In fact, it's more complicated than that.

  • Supreme Court stops start of Ohio early voting

    Sean Lengell | 09/29/14 05:35 PM

    The Supreme Court handed Ohio Republicans an early election victory Monday when it halted the state's early voting program hours before it was to begin.

  • Intruder made it deep into White House

    Kelly Cohen | 09/29/14 05:04 PM

    The intruder, Omar Gonzalez, jumped the fence, sprinted through the front door, overpowered one Secret Service officer and ran through much of the main floor before being apprehended.

  • White House hopes visit by India's prime minister eases strains with U.S.

    Sean Lengell | 09/29/14 04:39 PM

    But the talks between Obama and Modi -- which the White House says will focus on economic growth and cooperation on security, clean energy, climate change and other issues -- pose tricky diplomatic challenges for both leaders.

  • Racing legend endorses Tillis

    Rebecca Berg | 09/29/14 04:28 PM

    Seven-time NASCAR champion Richard Petty endorsed Tillis in a new television spot from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a major backer of Tillis's bid to unseat Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan in North Carolina.

  • Potential 2016 candidates more assertive

    Kelly Cohen | 09/29/14 03:49 PM

    Some potential presidential contenders are getting more assertive in how they answer questions of whether they'll run, a sign that the 2016 race is ready to move into a higher gear.