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  • Rubio regains 2016 momentum

    07/24/14 10:31 AM

    **Want FOX News First in your inbox every day? Sign up here.** Buzz Cut: • Rubio regains 2016 momentum • Video doesn’t back up Braley's absence alibi • Walsh blames meds, friend’s suicide for plagiarism • Palin pushes Carr • Who ever heard of an Irishman at a loss for words?...

  • President Obama strains to straddle fundraising, foreign policy

    Susan Crabtree | 07/24/14 09:03 AM

    Over the last few days President Obama awkwardly tried to sprinkle foreign-policy references into his fundraising speeches but got more laughs and applause with jokes complaining about "phony scandals" back in Washington at a glitzy dinner at the home of the producer of TV drama "Scandal." 

  • These costly government regulations could hit right after the election

    David M. Drucker | 07/23/14 05:20 PM

    A Republican group is suggesting that President Obama's administration is purposely delaying the implementation of controversial government regulations until after the midterm elections.

  • John Boehner calls on Obama to support legislation speeding up deportations

    Susan Ferrechio | 07/23/14 05:58 PM

    The House speaker warned that it could be impossible for Congress to green-light additional money to deal with the border crisis unless Obama publicly supports a change in a law that is slowing deportations. 

  • Survey: Fewer than 1 in 5 better off because of Obamacare; many more worse off

    Byron York | 07/23/14 04:00 PM

    Eighteen percent of Americans, or fewer than one in five, say they or someone in their family is better off because of the Affordable Care Act, according to a new poll by CNN. Nearly twice that number, 35 percent, say they or someone in their family is worse off. A larger group, 46 percent, say...

  • Senate border plan spurns Obama, but helps firefighters and Israel

    Susan Ferrechio | 07/23/14 03:14 PM

    If Congress can agree on a plan to give President Obama supplemental money to deal with the border crisis, it's going to be much less than he asked for.

  • GOP border security group calls for sending National Guard to border

    Susan Ferrechio | 07/23/14 11:07 AM

    A group of House Republicans will call for sending the National Guard to the U.S. southern border, where a months-long surge in illegal immigration has flooded Texas with thousands of children from Central America.

  • Credibility gap worsens IRS scandal

    07/23/14 10:34 AM

    **Want FOX News First in your inbox every day? Sign up here.** Buzz Cut: • Credibility gap worsens IRS scandal • First in Fox News First: New call for Obama to visit border • Can the Granite State crack the Pick Six? • Hillary responds to Rubio’s last-century knock • Hey, he...

  • IRS experts: Lois Lerner hard drive was just 'scratched' --- not damaged beyond recovery

    Byron York | 07/23/14 08:01 AM

    Top IRS officials told congressional investigators that Lois Lerner's hard drive -- the one containing emails that could shed light on the IRS targeting scandal -- was irreparably damaged before it was destroyed completely in 2011.

  • Businessman David Perdue bests Rep. Jack Kingston in Georgia runoff surprise

    Rebecca Berg | 07/23/14 07:47 AM

    Public dissatisfaction with Washington and its elected officials was likely one factor that propelled Republican David Perdue to a narrow victory in Georgia on Tuesday over his runoff rival, Rep. Jack Kingston.