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  • Missouri governor was 'uninvited' from Michael Brown's funeral

    Rebecca Berg | 08/28/14 10:44 AM

    On Sunday, Nixon's office initially said he planned to attend the service. But on Monday, Nixon's office changed course, saying he would not attend "out of respect for the family" and to give them "time to focus on remembering Michael and grieving their loss."

  • Report: Second American killed fighting for ISIS

    Susan Crabtree | 08/28/14 09:07 AM

    A second American, identified as Abdirahmaan Muhumed of Minneapolis, died while fighting in the same battle in Syria as Douglas McAuthur McCain.

  • Economy grows faster than expected

    Joseph Lawler | 08/28/14 09:01 AM

    U.S. gross domestic product grew at a 4.2 percent annual rate in the second quarter, the Bureau of Economic Analysis reported Thursday.

  • Former Michele Bachmann campaign staffer pleads guilty

    Kelly Cohen | 08/28/14 08:42 AM

    One of Michele Bachmann's former top campaign staffers pleaded guilty Wednesday to concealing money he received from the presidential campaign of former Rep. Ron Paul. Kent Sorenson, who managed Bachmann's presidential campaign in Iowa, pleaded guilty to one count of causing a federal campaign...

  • Ukraine's president accuses Russia of invading

    Charles Hoskinson | 08/28/14 08:21 AM

    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on Thursday accused Russia of invading his country and called for an emergency U.N. Security Council meeting to discuss the situation.

  • RNC to spend $100m to get out vote

    David M. Drucker | 08/27/14 06:31 PM

    The Republican National Committee is on track to spend more than $100 million in the midterm campaign, with virtually every dime plowed into the party’s new digital voter-turnout program.

  • McDonald's can't appeal NLRB franchise decision

    Sean Higgins | 08/27/14 07:23 PM

    The National Labor Relations Board will treat the hamburger chain as a co-employer in 43 cases charging unfair labor practices at various franchised restaurants.

  • Governor's woes may be hurting GOP senator in Kansas

    Betsy Woodruff | 08/27/14 06:06 PM

    How does an incumbent who's been in the Senate since 1997 rack up such abysmal poll numbers? The state's moderate and centrist Republicans think it might have something to do with a fellow Republican, Gov. Sam Brownback.

  • No Republican wave in November election

    Susan Ferrechio | 08/27/14 05:38 PM

    If the last Congressional midterm election was a tsunami, this year may be more of a ripple.

  • Congress: Yes to pork, no to cutting debt

    Sean Lengell | 08/27/14 06:18 PM

    Many say lawmakers are missing an opportunity to trim pork, waste and duplicative services from the budget.