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  • House votes to end Obama's deferred deportation program

    Susan Ferrechio | 08/01/14 10:14 PM

    The House Friday passed legislation aimed at curbing President Obama’s use of executive authority to slow deportations of young people who arrived here as children. The bill passed 216-192, with 11 Republicans voting against it and four Democrats voting in favor of the measure. The...

  • Republican House passes border bill with few defections

    Susan Ferrechio | 08/01/14 08:51 PM

    House Republicans overcame divisions within their own party and voted Friday night to pass a $694 million bill aimed at addressing the recent surge of migrants on the southern border. One Democrat voted in favor of the legislation and four Republicans defected, leaving only a slim margin of...

  • Dianne Feinstein says intelligence officials 'significantly redacted' torture report

    Susan Crabtree | 08/01/14 07:51 PM

    The top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee said the CIA has heavily redacted her panel’s final report of its investigation into the agency’s detention and interrogation practices so she would have to spend some time reviewing what they withheld before determining when it could be...

  • Harry Reid just made sure the Senate will deal with amending the Constitution first thing when it gets back from recess

    Becket Adams | 08/01/14 07:02 PM

    The proposed amendment not only gives Congress the power to limit spending on federal candidates, but it also bars the judicial branch from overturning any future campaign finance laws authored by legislative branch.

  • Harry Reid sets up vote on campaign finance reform

    Sean Lengell | 08/01/14 05:23 PM

    Senate Democrats are ramping up efforts for a proposed constitutional amendment aimed at reversing recent Supreme Court decisions that loosened campaign finance restrictions.

  • Obama: 'We tortured some folks' after 9/11

    Brian Hughes | 08/01/14 04:21 PM

    President Obama acknowledged Friday that the U.S. "tortured some folks" in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, highlighting CIA shortcomings ahead of the release of a Senate report on the agency's interrogation techniques.

  • Why Obama can't sweep aside his John Brennan problem at the CIA

    Brian Hughes | 08/01/14 04:06 PM

    As it did when other agency chiefs came under fire, the White House dismissed calls for Brennan's head, labeling the matter a "misunderstanding" and trying to move past the embarrassing episode. But for President Obama, it won't be that easy, for one simple reason: Democrats are furious.

  • Obama defends his relevance

    Brian Hughes | 08/01/14 04:00 PM

    President Obama in a press conference Friday afternoon ripped into congressional Republicans for not passing big-ticket items before their summer recess but was left to defend his own relevance amid a series of mushrooming international crises.

  • 'A new dawn' for House leadership, GOP lawmakers say

    Sean Lengell | 08/01/14 02:43 PM

    A revamped House Republican leadership faced its first real challenge after support for its border security bill collapsed, forcing the team to regroup and try again before rolling out a second plan Friday morning.

  • In phone call with Vladimir Putin, Obama raises Ukraine concerns

    Brian Hughes | 08/01/14 02:36 PM

    President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke by phone Friday for the first time since the U.S. stepped up sanctions against the Kremlin for escalating tensions in Ukraine.