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  • In just two weeks, Obama proven completely wrong about Ebola

    Byron York | 10/02/14 09:24 AM

    On September 16, President Obama visited the headquarters of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. The agency is the lead organization in the federal government's efforts to prevent the introduction and spread of the Ebola virus into the United States, and Obama used his...

  • Fighting heats up in Ukraine as Russia hints at new moves

    Charles Hoskinson | 10/02/14 09:22 AM

    Pro-Russian rebels launched a fresh assault on the airport in Donetsk, and Russian prosecutors said they were preparing war crimes charges against Ukraine's defense minister and other officials.

  • European Central Bank adds bond purchases to negative interest rates policy

    Joseph Lawler | 10/02/14 09:21 AM

    The European Central Bank announced its latest effort to stave off a recession in Europe on Thursday, unveiling a new program of large-scale bond purchases and promising to keep interest rates low.

  • First 'carbon capture and storage' power plant opens in Canada

    Zack Colman | 10/02/14 09:21 AM

    SaskPower's Boundary Dam facility is using $1.4 billion of "carbon capture and storage" technology, which climate scientists say must become more widely adopted to keep greenhouse gas emissions that exacerbate climate change in check.

  • Brown avoids women's issues

    Kelly Cohen | 10/02/14 09:07 AM

    But rather than try to defuse the topic, as some Republicans have, Brown changed the subject.

  • Obama's economic struggle: Convincing voters wage increases are coming

    Joseph Lawler | 10/02/14 08:46 AM

    Obama faces a major challenge in communicating that the economy is on an upward trajectory: Most families' incomes are barely growing, if they're growing at all.

  • Is Christie's RGA path a road map to the White House?

    Rebecca Berg | 10/01/14 08:10 PM

    A review of Christie’s travel on behalf of the RGA shows that he has spent less time in some of the nine states deemed most competitive by the association than he has in states pivotal to winning a presidential primary.

  • Secret Service didn't follow reporting protocols after Atlanta incident

    Susan Crabtree | 10/01/14 07:14 PM

    Secret Service managers told agents on the ground in Atlanta not to file a written report after discovering that a man with a gun rode in an elevator with President Obama during his visit to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Sept. 16, according to two sources familiar with the case.

  • Bill Clinton appears in TV ad for Alison Lundergan Grimes

    Rebecca Berg | 10/01/14 05:31 PM

    The 30-second ad, produced by Grimes' campaign, is the first ad to feature Clinton in this midterm election cycle.

  • WH: No need for Ebola travel restrictions

    Brian Hughes | 10/01/14 05:17 PM

    "We are confident that the sophisticated medical infrastructure that exists in the United States can prevent the wide spread of Ebola," said White House press secretary Josh Earnest.