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  • Another government shutdown? Not gonna happen

    Byron York | 08/28/14 06:27 PM

    The rumors are that if Obama takes some sort of far-reaching action on immigration, as is widely expected, infuriated Republicans will retaliate by threatening to close the government unless Obama backs down.

  • Obama slams Putin for invasion of Ukraine

    Brian Hughes | 08/28/14 05:54 PM

    When asked about the prospect of additional sanctions against Russia, the president replied, "I think there are ways for us to deepen or expand the scope of some of that work."

  • Chasm divides parties on climate change

    Zack Colman | 08/28/14 05:51 PM

    Democrats ranked climate change as the most pressing global problem facing the U.S., while Republicans find it the least urgent, a poll said.

  • Does Landrieu live in Louisiana?

    Rebecca Berg | 08/28/14 05:36 PM

    Sen. Mary Landrieu does not have a house of her own in Louisiana, the state she represents in the Senate, but instead claims to live at her parents' address in New Orleans, according to reports.

  • Obama on ISIS: 'We don't have a strategy yet'

    Brian Hughes | 08/28/14 05:17 PM

    Obama has been under pressure to expand U.S. bombings from Iraq to Syria, but his advisers remain divided about the prospect of military intervention there.

  • FBI investigates 'Russian' cyberattack on Wall Street

    Joseph Lawler | 08/28/14 04:47 PM

    One of the companies attacked in mid-August was the nation's largest bank, JPMorgan Chase & Co., a representative for the bank confirmed.

  • Rick Perry hires legal dream team

    Betsy Woodruff | 08/28/14 04:34 PM

    The team will help him fight charges that he abused his power and coerced a state employee when he tried to muscle a drunk-driving district attorney out of office with a budget veto threat.

  • Samantha Power: 'Russia is not listening'

    Brian Hughes | 08/28/14 04:10 PM

    United States Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power told the U.N. on Thursday that Western nations would need to “ratchet up the consequences on Russiaâ€ï¿½ in the wake of Russian forces invading Ukraine.

  • Unions agree to agree on their 2016 presidential candidate

    Sean Higgins | 08/28/14 03:33 PM

    The deal, announced by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on Thursday, is intended to avoid the disagreement that plagued the Democratic field in 2008.

  • Ryan ambushed by immigration activists

    Kelly Cohen | 08/28/14 03:25 PM

    Rep. Paul Ryan was ambushed by camera-carrying immigration activists Thursday, the latest Republican to face a tricky confrontation over the issue this month.