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  • Anti-abortion groups split over personhood

    Rebecca Berg | 09/30/14 12:15 PM

    As Republican candidates this year face intense criticism for past support for giving full constitutional rights to a fetus, activists are divided over whether to continue pushing the idea.

  • Pelosi criticizes justices on early voting

    Susan Ferrechio | 09/30/14 11:50 AM

    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., on Tuesday criticized the Supreme Court's decision to block a lower court ruling that would have expanded early voting in Ohio.

  • Summers: Treasury undid one-third of Fed's bond-buying stimulus

    Joseph Lawler | 09/30/14 11:36 AM

    While the Federal Reserve has been trying to boost the economy by buying trillions of long-term government bonds, the Treasury Department has been undercutting its efforts by issuing more long-term securities, according to a new report.

  • Secret Service director: 'It will never happen again'

    Susan Crabtree | 09/30/14 11:32 AM

    Secret Service Director Julia Pierson said she "takes full responsibility" for a recent incident in which a White House intruder reached the ceremonial heart of the White House before being detained.

  • NRSC airs three new ads in battlegrounds

    Susan Ferrechio | 09/30/14 11:21 AM

    The National Republican Senatorial Committee on Tuesday released new campaign ads targeting North Carolina, Arkansas and Colorado, which are three of the most contested Senate races.

  • Crunch time: Dems face gloomy midterm forecast

    09/30/14 11:20 AM

    **Want FOX News First in your inbox every day? Sign up here.** Buzz Cut: • Crunch time: Dems face gloomy midterm forecast • Boehner pushes plan to reset economy • Poll: Americans still confused by ObamaCare • Liens hit Shaheens for failure to pay creditors • Bad news bear CRUNCH TIME: DEMS...

  • Link between climate change, extreme weather hard to prove: federal scientists

    Zack Colman | 09/30/14 11:03 AM

    Man-made climate change, largely through burning greenhouse gas-emitting fossil fuels that scientists say warm the planet, did not necessarily explain the 16 extreme weather events for 2013 that the report covered.

  • Obama, Modi express unity in op-ed

    Kelly Cohen | 09/30/14 10:38 AM

    Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Obama declare the country's partnership to be "robust, reliable and enduring" -- as well as expanding in a joint Washington Post op-ed Tuesday.

  • ISIS vote to interrupt campaign season?

    Susan Ferrechio | 09/30/14 10:05 AM

    Republicans would be willing to return to Congress and debate a broad measure authorizing the president to take military action in the Middle East, a GOP lawmaker said Tuesday.

  • Maryland natural gas project OK'd

    Zack Colman | 09/30/14 09:00 AM

    Dominion Resources secured approval from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to build the $3.8 billion Cove Point terminal on the Chesapeake Bay, which will be ready to ship up to 0.82 billion cubic feet per day of natural gas beginning in 2017.