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  • Joe Biden at Boston Marathon memorial: 'We own the finish line'

    Meghashyam Mali | 04/15/14 02:55 PM

    Vice President Joe Biden paid tribute to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing and praised the courage of their families and survivors on the one-year anniversary of the terror attack. Speaking during a memorial service at Boston's convention center -- close to the finish line of the race...

  • Obama meets with faith leaders on immigration reform

    Meghashyam Mali | 04/15/14 02:32 PM

    The meeting came with many pro-immigration reform groups pushing for Obama to do more unilaterally, with the GOP-controlled House unlikely to take up the issue in a midterm election year.

  • White House defends closed press Obama moment of silence

    Meghashyam Mali | 04/15/14 02:23 PM

    The White House on Tuesday downplayed the controversy over media access to President Obama, who will hold a moment of silence to mark the Boston Marathon bombing anniversary in the Oval Office without the press.

  • Obama, Joe Biden to visit Pennsylvania on Wednesday ahead of Democratic primary

    Steve Doty | 04/15/14 02:20 PM

    Pennsylvania's Democratic gubernatorial primary is just over a month away, and with President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden set to visit the state Wednesday, all eyes will be on whether the candidates appear alongside the nation's two most prominent politicians.

  • White House supports Ukrainian military operation to preserve 'law and order'

    Susan Crabtree | 04/15/14 01:53 PM

    The White House backs the Ukrainian government's decision to direct its military to confront pro-Russian militants and attempt to retake buildings and other areas they've seized in the eastern part of the country. The Ukrainian military flooded into an airport near Slovyansk, Ukraine on...

  • Donald Trump looks to be an active donor in 2014 midterms

    Rebecca Berg | 04/15/14 01:21 PM

    From January through the end of March, the real estate mogul and television personality made 21 donations of $1,000 directly to Republican House or Senate campaigns across 19 states, according to numbers provided by a source with knowledge of Trump's political spending.

  • Alison Lundergan Grimes outraises Mitch McConnell in first quarter

    Rebecca Berg | 04/15/14 01:21 PM

    As the Senate's top-ranking Republican, Mitch McConnell has plenty of fundraising might behind his re-election bid in Kentucky this year. But, as the Democrat who might take McConnell down, so does Alison Lundergan Grimes.

  • Obama shortens sentence for man mistakenly serving extra 3.5 years

    Susan Crabtree | 04/15/14 12:40 PM

    President Obama shortened the prison sentence of a Texas man mistakenly serving an extra 42 additional months on a marijuana charge because of a typo.

  • Uncertain future troubles Eisenhower Memorial Commission and its insular staff

    Luke Rosiak | 04/15/14 11:56 AM

    A federal planning group has delivered what could be a fatal blow to the Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial Commission's controversial design for honoring the former president and World War II hero. Nine full-time, taxpayer-funded employees and a board of aging political leaders have spent the...

  • Obama honors victims of Boston Marathon bombing, one year later

    Meghashyam Mali | 04/15/14 11:14 AM

    President Obama on Tuesday mourned the lives lost in the Boston Marathon bombing a year ago and praised the “compassion, kindness and strength” of those who rushed to help the wounded.