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  • Ex-Supreme Court justice says politics can be factor on retiring

    04/20/14 04:14 PM

    John Paul Stevens says he thinks it's appropriate for Supreme Court justices to factor in political considerations when weighing a decision to retire. "I think certainly it's natural and an appropriate thing to think about your successor," the retired justice told ABC's "This Week" in an...

  • Political competition, not racism, changes voter alignments

    Michael Barone | 04/20/14 03:20 PM

    Have the Republicans become the white man's party? Are the depth and bitterness of Republicans' opposition to Barack Obama and his administration the product of racism? Those are questions you hear in the clash of political argument, and you will hear plenty of answers in the affirmative if...

  • Sen. Bob Corker: U.S. inaction says to Russia, 'Don't embarrass us'

    Rebecca Berg | 04/20/14 11:53 AM

    As President Obama's administration prepares a new slew of sanctions on Russia in response to the country's annexation of the Crimea region in Ukraine, there remains an ongoing debate among congressional lawmakers regarding whether America has acted with sufficient strength. Sen. Bob Corker,...

  • Democratic National Committee chairwoman dismisses political impact of Keystone XL delay

    Rebecca Berg | 04/20/14 11:32 AM

    Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Sunday dismissed the potential political impact of a delayed decision on the Keystone XL pipeline, calling it a "complex" decision that will need to be carefully weighed. The State Department, which has been reviewing the...

  • A casino mogul and Baptists team up against online gambling

    Timothy P. Carney | 04/19/14 07:58 PM

    Last month, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham proposed gambling legislation that was written by a lobbyist for casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson.

  • Mark Zuckerberg group's attack on Steve King sends message to GOP immigration reform foes

    Byron York | 04/18/14 06:28 PM

    Why would Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook billionaire born and raised in New York, educated in Massachusetts, and now based in California, have any particular interest in the politics of Iowa's rural 4th Congressional District? Because the area is home to Republican Rep. Steve King, one of the...

  • Obama signs law keeping Iran's UN envoy out of the U.S.

    Meghashyam Mali | 04/18/14 04:00 PM

    President Obama on Friday signed into law legislation to bar United Nations ambassadors suspected of terror ties from receiving U.S. visas, but added that he would treat the law as “advisory,” arguing that it undercut his constitutional powers. The bill, S. 2195, passed Congress earlier...

  • John Boehner slams Keystone XL delay as 'shameful'

    Meghashyam Mali | 04/18/14 03:18 PM

    House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, on Friday slammed the State Department's move to delay its decision on whether to approve the Keystone XL pipeline as “shameful.”

  • Susan Rice: Russia has 'days' to follow through on Ukraine deal

    Susan Crabtree | 04/18/14 02:39 PM

    White House national security adviser Susan Rice said U.S. and European officials will watch Russia “over the coming days” to determine if the Kremlin is upholding its commitments to an agreement reached Thursday aimed at resolving the crisis in Ukraine.

  • White House: Obama 'expressed his disgust' at calls for Ukrainian Jews to register

    Meghashyam Mali | 04/18/14 02:00 PM

    National Security Advisor Susan Rice on Friday said that President Obama expressed his "disgust" after hearing reports that Jewish residents in eastern Ukraine had been told to register with pro-Russian militia groups.