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  • America's other drug war

    Philip Klein | 09/19/14 05:02 PM

    Winston Churchill famously described an appeaser as "one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last." Today, in a very different context, his remark captures the plight of the American pharmaceutical industry. Roughly five years after lobbyists for drugmakers worked to help pass...

  • Obama readies vetoes as Republicans eye the Senate

    Brian Hughes | 09/19/14 01:40 PM

    The emboldened new Senate Republican majority will likely pass a flurry of bills aimed at dismantling Obama's signature healthcare law, environmental regulations aimed at climate change, and executive orders on subjects both big and small.

  • New bank rule would be costly for cities, states

    Joseph Lawler | 09/19/14 04:08 PM

    The liquidity coverage rule would require banks to hold enough safe, liquid assets that would be sellable even in a crisis to fund their operations for at least 30 days.

  • Absent Obama will play starring role on campaign trail anyway

    Susan Ferrechio | 09/18/14 11:53 AM

    President Obama will likely never run for office again, but for many in Congress, his name might as well be on the top of the ballot this fall.

  • Obama relies on wishful thinking to avoid debt troubles

    Joseph Lawler | 09/16/14 01:01 PM

    Given the realities of the global environment, it is a far safer bet to assume that the U.S. will be required to spend something closer to the post-war average on national security than the historically low amounts built into Obama administration budget plans.

  • After Ferguson, interest in demilitarizing police has 'exploded'

    Susan Crabtree | 09/18/14 12:23 PM

    Johnson spent his August and early September working with Republicans to try to win their support and talked with the Washington Examiner about the experience.

  • Congress ducks military authorization vote, for now

    Susan Ferrechio | 09/19/14 06:12 PM

    House and Senate lawmakers dodged a vote on a broad military authorization for President Obama to go after Islamic terrorists in the Middle East, guaranteeing a heated debate over the issue when Congress returns after the November election.

  • Women hold the keys in Senate races

    Rebecca Berg | 09/18/14 05:13 PM

    Joni Ernst could be the first woman to represent Iowa in Congress, but she'll need to convince women voters to support her first.

  • The other candidate in Michigan's Senate race lays low

    Betsy Woodruff | 09/18/14 03:04 PM

    Gary Peters is no wallflower, but in the race for Michigan's open Senate seat, he's clearly been overshadowed by his colorful Republican opponent.

  • Climate justice now! Occupy the climate!

    Byron York | 09/22/14 12:35 AM

    The genius of the People's Climate March, at least as far as its organizers and participants were concerned, is that the concept of climate is broad and flexible enough to cover everything.