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  • Treasury looks to stop 'corporate deserters' on its own

    Joseph Lawler | 08/21/14 10:27 AM

    President Obama may not be able to stop "corporate deserters" from taking up legal residency in low-tax countries. But it appears that his Treasury Department will try to make the prospect of leaving the U.S. as unattractive as possible.

  • Team Obama leaks failed raid in bid to shore up image

    08/21/14 10:14 AM

    **Want FOX News First in your inbox every day? Sign up here.** Buzz Cut: • Team Obama leaks failed raid in bid to shore up image • Holder pumps up pressure on prosecutor in Ferguson • Grimes garbled at farm forum • Pryor touts support for ‘a law’ • Feminist sympathies spike among the men of...

  • Bank of America settles for record $17 billion in mortgage inquiry

    Joseph Lawler | 08/21/14 10:11 AM

    The Department of Justice said that it would be the single largest settlement with a U.S. business in history. The agreement includes $9.65 billion in cash paid out to federal and state agencies, and nearly $7 billion in consumer relief to borrowers hurt by the mortgage crisis.

  • Tom Steyer's super PAC haul for July: $500,000

    Zack Colman | 08/21/14 09:23 AM

    Billionaire ex-hedge fund manager Tom Steyer's climate super PAC brought in a bit more than $500,000 from outside donors in July, underscoring the struggles the San Francisco activist has had attracting contributions.

  • Mexican president predicts oil and gas gains from energy reform

    Zack Colman | 08/21/14 09:03 AM

    Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto predicted big production gains in the oil and gas sector beginning in 2018 as a result of energy reforms its congress passed this month.

  • Morning Examiner with Steve Doty for Aug 21

    Steve Doty | 08/21/14 07:48 AM

    Newly indicted Texas Gov. Rick Perry is slated to take part in a panel discussion on immigration reform at the conservative Heritage Foundation Thursday in D.C.

  • Republican presidential candidates flock to Iowa's Joni Ernst

    David M. Drucker | 08/20/14 05:23 PM

    Presidential jockeying in Iowa has started early, with GOP hopefuls using Ernst's upstart Senate bid to lay a political foundation for the 2016 caucuses.

  • Special session in Richmond could be a challenge for Virginia's Barbara Comstock

    Betsy Woodruff | 08/20/14 05:29 PM

    Some wonder whether the Northern Virginia Republican's absence from the trail in the weeks before the general election could be a downside for her campaign.

  • ISIS' brutality ups the pressure on Obama in Iraq and Syria

    Susan Crabtree | 08/20/14 07:51 PM

    International outrage over the grisly beheading of an American journalist is forcing President Obama's hand in Iraq, intensifying pressure to confront ISIS in a broader way than the defensive airstrikes he has authorized so far.

  • EXography: Senator lives like a Rockefeller but bills the cost to taxpayers

    Luke Rosiak | 08/20/14 08:02 PM

    West Virginia's Jay Rockefeller comes from one of America's wealthiest families and represents one of its poorest states, yet he travels home almost exclusively via private charter plane at $4,400 per trip and sends the bill to taxpayers.