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  • Nonprofit that helps unaccompanied minors has seen explosive growth

    Susan Crabtree | 07/31/14 07:10 AM

    The federal government has directed more than $350 million over the last six years to a Texas nonprofit providing shelter and care for unaccompanied immigrant children.

  • House readies bill to stop Obama's immigration order -- in advance

    Byron York | 07/31/14 06:43 AM

    On what could be the last lawmaking session before the summer recess, both House and Senate are preparing bills to one-up each other on immigration. First, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said that if the House passes a border crisis bill, he and Senate Democrats might attach the Gang of Eight...

  • Michigan Democratic Senate candidate backed company that outsourced

    Betsy Woodruff | 07/30/14 04:22 PM

    Rep. Gary Peters' role in securing an earmark and a tax credit for a now-bankrupt solar panel company could become a point of contention in Michigan's hard-fought Senate race.

  • What Dollar Tree's purchase of Family Dollar says about the U.S. economy

    Joseph Lawler | 07/30/14 06:08 PM

    Amid a slow recovery for poor Americans, the creation of a mega-dollar store might be interpreted as a grim sign of diminished consumer expectations. But the reality is that the economic outlook has improved.

  • House GOP still short of votes on border bill

    David M. Drucker | 07/30/14 09:28 PM

    House Republicans on Wednesday were still short of the 218 GOP votes they need to guarantee passage of their $659 billion border package. In his first big test since ascending to No. 3 GOP leadership position, Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., had made solid progress toward assembling...

  • House votes to sue President Obama over executive action

    Susan Ferrechio | 07/30/14 06:46 PM

    The House Thursday passed a resolution authorizing an unprecedented congressional lawsuit against President Obama over his use of executive authority to delay the employer mandate in the health insurance reform law.

  • Obama slams GOP for 'hating,' says voters should fight cynicism

    Susan Crabtree | 07/30/14 06:36 PM

    The president engaged in jovial back-and-forth with audience members and seemed to bask in some good economic news about the growth of the economy in the second quarter.

  • What you should know about the federal highway bill

    Sean Lengell | 07/30/14 05:05 PM

    With Congress poised this week to pass a temporary measure to fund road, transit and rail programs, it likely will have a greater direct impact on Americans than most congressional initiatives this year.

  • How the Obama-Vladimir Putin relationship died

    Brian Hughes | 07/30/14 02:50 PM

    There have been so many new lows in the relationship between President Obama and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, that it's easy to forget how confident Obama was in forging a new partnership with the Kremlin after his election in 2008.

  • What Nancy Pelosi was doing while giving a big speech against the GOP lawsuit

    Susan Ferrechio | 07/30/14 02:33 PM

    Democrats Wednesday took to the House floor to protest the GOP resolution authorizing a lawsuit against President Obama as the party simultaneously worked to cash in on the matter.