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  • Democrats attack Terri Lynn Land over truck

    Rebecca Berg | 08/27/14 05:51 PM

    A conspicuous blue hybrid big-rig/pickup truck has become a surprising icon for Republican Terri Lynn Land’s Senate campaign in Michigan. It looms over campaign events. Land rode on it during a Fourth of July parade. It even has its own Instagram account. But the gimmick on wheels could...

  • Does Syria's air defense system work?

    Susan Crabtree | 08/27/14 04:23 PM

    The Pentagon's top spokesman Wednesday suggested that Syria's sophisticated air defense system didn't pick up U.S. forces entering its air space during a failed mission to rescue James Foley and other prisoners.

  • Republican says EPA must come clean on 'Waters of U.S.' rule

    Zack Colman | 08/27/14 04:09 PM

    House Republicans are suspicious of a proposed EPA rule, one they say could subject lots of private property to federal regulation.

  • Rob Portman eyes presidential bid with New Hampshire visits

    David M. Drucker | 08/27/14 03:25 PM

    The latest addition to the pool of potential Republican presidential candidates may not have national name recognition, but he has experience playing the part. Sen. Rob Portman, who kicked off his would-be campaign with a visit to New Hampshire Tuesday, has played the role of the Democratic...

  • White House has 'no idea' whether government will shut down

    Brian Hughes | 08/27/14 02:54 PM

    "It would be a real shame if Republicans engaged in an effort to shut down the government over a common-sense solution [on immigration]," White House press secretary Josh Earnest said.

  • Bobby Jindal sues Obama administration over Common Core

    David M. Drucker | 08/27/14 02:39 PM

    In his suit, Jindal says the new program violates the 10th Amendment by subverting state sovereignty as the administration pressured states to adopt the standards.

  • Mary Landrieu to Obama: Don't negotiate away our energy boom

    Susan Ferrechio | 08/27/14 02:33 PM

    The embattled incumbent, facing a tight re-election race, is warning President Obama against agreeing to any climate pact that would harm the nation's growing energy sector.

  • Regulators OK overhaul of credit rating agencies

    Joseph Lawler | 08/27/14 01:12 PM

    The Securities and Exchange Commission voted to adopt two rules intended to prevent weak or fraudulent loans from being bundled into securities and sold to investors, including an overhaul of the way that rating agencies work.

  • State Dept.: Obama not side-stepping Senate on climate deal

    Zack Colman | 08/27/14 12:53 PM

    "Not a word of the new climate agreement currently under discussion has been written, so it is entirely premature to say whether it will or won't require Senate approval," State's Jen Psaki said.

  • The least popular members of Congress? John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi

    Susan Ferrechio | 08/27/14 12:40 PM

    House Speaker John Boehner is the most unpopular leader in Congress, followed close behind by Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, according to a new poll of likely voters.