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  • Kansas judges help Democrats

    Betsy Woodruff | 09/19/14 11:44 AM

    The Kansas Supreme Court has taken Democratic Senate nominee Chad Taylor off the general election ballot Thursday, a move that puts the Republican incumbent at greater risk.

  • House GOP leader says U.S. may need to send special forces to fight the Islamic State

    Susan Ferrechio | 09/19/14 11:35 AM

    House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said Friday he believes the United States will have to do more to defeat Islamic terrorists in the Middle East than conducting airstrikes and training Syrian rebels.

  • Christie cleared in bridge scandal

    Kelly Cohen | 09/19/14 11:03 AM

    Evidence thus far shows Christie did not know in advance, nor did he direct the closure of traffic lanes in September 2013, Justice Department officials said.

  • Walden plans to stay as NRCC chair

    Rebecca Berg | 09/19/14 10:43 AM

    National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Greg Walden said Friday that he hopes to continue leading the NRCC again next election cycle.

  • Pick Six-apalooza: Your picks in the battle for the Senate

    09/19/14 10:24 AM

    **Want FOX News First in your inbox every day? Sign up here.** PICK SIX-APALOOZA! When Fox News First readers started playing Pick Six back in January what might they have guessed about Republican chances for control of the Senate if they knew how things would stand today? Congress just left...

  • Capitol Hill's favorite sport? Bashing the NFL

    Sean Lengell | 09/19/14 09:05 AM

    From the league's domestic violence problems to the controversy over the Washington Redskins' name to even how and when games are broadcast, league Commissioner Roger Goodell has taken a beating from Capitol Hill this year. Here's a play-by-play.

  • Rupert Murdoch would support Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton in 2016

    Kelly Cohen | 09/19/14 08:23 AM

    The billionaire chairman of News Corp. and 21st Century Fox told Fox Business Network Thursday that former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush "would be a very good president."

  • Kansas court rules withdrawn Democratic Senate candidate incapable of serving

    Byron York | 09/19/14 08:14 AM

    The question of whether Kansas Democratic Senate candidate Chad Taylor can legally withdraw from the race has been decided by the state Supreme Court. And the answer is yes, Taylor can withdraw.

  • Scotland votes 'no' on independence from United Kingdom

    Kelly Cohen | 09/19/14 06:52 AM

    The country will stay a part of the U.K. after 55 percent -- or about 2 million people -- voted against the referendum Thursday.

  • NSA 'taking more risk' handling Islamic State threat post-Snowden

    Charles Hoskinson | 09/18/14 08:30 PM

    Constraints created when National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden spilled U.S. secrets add new risk to the agency's work when the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and other threats are making the world more dangerous, intelligence community leaders say.