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  • Christie stumps in three states

    Kelly Cohen | 09/18/14 11:47 AM

    New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will continue his nationwide tour with stops in Maryland, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

  • Paul Ryan: We’re working to change the rules for tax reform

    Joseph Lawler | 09/18/14 11:38 AM

    Ryan, the presumed successor to retiring Ways and Means Committee chairman Dave Camp if the GOP holds the House of Representatives in November, said Thursday that "there are two things that we are working on right now" to help him succeed where Camp fell short in pushing comprehensive tax reform.

  • Clinton seeks to avoid Iowa '08 missteps

    Rebecca Berg | 09/18/14 11:37 AM

    Some Clinton allies argue the result in the 2008 caucuses was not as dismal as a third-place finish suggests, and that Clinton could have won in a normal, non-Obama year -- but Clinton isn't taking any chances.

  • Another avalanche of bad polls for Senate Dems

    09/18/14 11:23 AM

    **Want FOX News First in your inbox every day? Sign up here.** Buzz Cut: • Another avalanche of bad polls for Senate Dems • If you like your war plan you can keep it • Lew touting whopper of a pen plan • Boehner to frame election on jobs push • Your résumé looks good, but how do you feel about...

  • Grimes' grandmother stars in new ad

    Kelly Cohen | 09/18/14 10:36 AM

    In the one-minute ad airing statewide, Grimes and her grandmother Elsie tell the story of how her grandfather struggled with medical bills after a stroke.

  • New intelligence strategy acknowledges damage from Snowden's leaks

    Charles Hoskinson | 09/18/14 10:35 AM

    Director of National Intelligence James Clapper on Thursday introduced a new national intelligence strategy that acknowledges the damage done to the nation's spy activities by National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden and pledges greater ethics and transparency in its work.

  • Janet Yellen: Most American families lack savings and are 'extraordinarily vulnerable'

    Joseph Lawler | 09/18/14 10:18 AM

    The Fed chairwoman noted that families are still struggling in the wake of the recession, even though the economy has steadily, if slowly, improved.

  • GOP favorability rating rebounds

    Kelly Cohen | 09/18/14 08:18 AM

    After hitting a low of 28 percent favorability during fall 2013, the GOP's positive rating among Americans has risen to 40 percent, according to a new Gallup survey.

  • White House weighs Syria travel restrictions

    Susan Crabtree | 09/18/14 07:49 AM

    The Obama administration is considering restricting or revoking passports held by Americans suspected of fighting for the Islamic State.

  • Obama tweets support for UK

    Kelly Cohen | 09/18/14 07:33 AM

    President Obama tweeted Wednesday his desire for keeping Scotland in the United Kingdom.