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  • In Ferguson, the rise of Eric Holder

    Brian Hughes | 08/20/14 06:33 PM

    As Holder arrived in Ferguson, Mo., Wednesday to address the police shooting of an unarmed teenager, it was clear that the attorney general had emerged as arguably President Obama's most-trusted confidant rather than the source of consternation that once frustrated so many White House officials.

  • Republicans look for a long-shot win in Northern Virginia in Micah Edmond

    Betsy Woodruff | 08/20/14 06:04 PM

    He's black. He's Jewish. He's a veteran. He's a Republican. And he's running for Jim Moran's House seat. "Anything can happen," Micah Edmond says.

  • U.S. tried to rescue James Foley, other ISIS hostages and failed

    Susan Crabtree | 08/20/14 07:16 PM

    The U.S. military recently launched a failed rescue operation aimed at freeing hostages held by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, including American journalist James Foley, the White House and the Pentagon confirmed Wednesday evening.

  • Eric Holder to Ferguson: I was harassed by cops

    Brian Hughes | 08/20/14 06:34 PM

    Attorney General Eric Holder told Ferguson, Mo., residents on Wednesday that he could relate to their suspicion of police officers, hoping to calm tensions in the St. Louis suburb rocked by repeated clashes between cops and protesters.

  • This red-state Democrat just released an ad touting health care reform

    Rebecca Berg | 08/20/14 05:17 PM

    In the ad, Sen. Mark Pryor and his father, former Sen. David Pryor, recount Mark Pryor's own bout with cancer and his struggle finding health insurance that would cover it.

  • More Federal Reserve officials show support for ending stimulus earlier

    Joseph Lawler | 08/20/14 03:17 PM

    Most Fed officials expect that job gains will continue to accelerate and inflation will start rising in 2014.

  • Key Democrat: Islamic State forcing U.S. hand in Iraq

    Susan Crabtree | 08/20/14 02:18 PM

    A leading Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee captured the conundrum President Obama finds himself in after the Islamic State beheaded an American journalist and appeared to both threaten the U.S. against continuing airstrikes while baiting America into full-scale war.

  • Obama faces difficult decisions as airstrikes continue in Iraq

    Susan Crabtree | 08/20/14 01:44 PM

    After withdrawing U.S. forces from Iraq in 2011, Obama now must decide whether to stretch the limited rationales he's given for airstrikes or pull back and risk allowing fighters with the Islamic State to secure more territory.

  • Obama: World 'appalled' by beheading

    Susan Crabtree | 08/20/14 01:36 PM

    President Obama denounced the Islamic State's beheading of an American journalist and said terrorist threats would not dictate his decisions on military action in Iraq or elsewhere.

  • No, Democrats didn't try to meddle in Alaska's Senate primary

    Rebecca Berg | 08/20/14 01:35 PM

    Democrats' aim was not to boost Tea Party favorite Joe Miller to victory, but to define Dan Sullivan, their likely general election foe, as an Alaska transplant with fragile roots in the state.