Pick Six: Time for midterm predictions

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FOX News First: Jan. 1
By Chris Stirewalt


Happy New Year! You made it! And it’s an election year, that magical time when the aspirations and frustrations of 317 million Americans are extruded through the Play-Doh Fun Factory of electoral politics. You know how you always wanted to get that perfect star-shaped tube but always ended up with something that looked like a hairy caterpillar? It’s kind of like that. (This explains a great deal about Washington, by the way.)

So let’s get squeezing.

WHAT’S UP? - Voters will have a crack at all 435 seats in the House, 35 of 100 Senate seats, 36 of 50 governorships and a host of other state and local positions on Nov. 4. But what’s really at issue is control of the Senate. Republicans have twice failed to take the upper chamber despite considerable advantages. If Democrats hold the line again, President Obama will have a much easier time putting his agenda into place, especially given the new powers the Democratic majority granted itself to approve presidential appointments. If Republicans can retake the majority for the first time since 2005, Obama would devote much of his final two years in office vetoing legislation and fighting to get his nominees in place.

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