Pierre Garcon: Redskins' RG3 can be as good as Peyton Manning

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They spent one season together so far. That's apparently enough time for Redskins receiver Pierre Garcon to compare Robert Griffin III to one of the all-time greats -- and a former teammate.

Garcon spent three of his four seasons in Indianapolis catching passes from Peyton Manning. After one season with Griffin, Garcon is ready to make a judgment.

"He can be just as good as Peyton," Garcon told "NFL AM." "Peyton's very skilled with his arm. Robert is skilled with his arm and his legs, so that's what makes him more dynamic and more dangerous."

But what makes them alike is another word: leadership.

"They are very similar," Garcon said. "Quarterbacks are natural leaders. They take control of the huddle, their meetings, their teammates around them, communicate with all the players, from offensive linemen to receivers and running backs. They're similar to each other. Robert's going to be very good and just as good as Peyton."

- John Keim

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