Piolin Files Lawsuit Against Former Radio Employees

CelebTV Latino
August 26, 2013 AT 4:03 PM
With his new radio gig on SiriusXM, Piolin is not forgetting about the alleged sexual harassment charges brought on by Univision Radio employees. TMZ reports that the radio star has filed a lawsuit against six former co-workers, claiming they were all part of the plot to shake him down for roughly $5 million by threatening to go public. The site also reports that Piolin was contacted 6 Univision employees last week and offered to seal their lips if he forked over the hush money. Now the radio VJ says that the accusers have attempted a naked money grab, but have sorely underestimated their target. Piolin is suing for civil extortion and intentional infliction of emotional distress. He’s asking for unspecified damages.