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Congressional Budget Office: TARP on track to cost government $27 billion

By Joseph Lawler | 04/17/14 03:45 PM

The enormous bailout of the U.S. financial system at the height of the financial crisis in fall 2008 is on track to cost the federal government $27 billion, the Congressional Budget Office estimated in a report issued Thursday afternoon.
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Congressional Budget Office: Obama budget wouldn't put debt on downward path

By Joseph Lawler | 04/17/14 11:20 AM

President Obama's budget would not place the federal debt on a downward path over the next 10 years, according to projections released by the Congressional Budget Office on Thursday. The CBO, Congress’ nonpartisan budget scorekeeper, projected that if the president’s proposals were to go...
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Federal Highway Trust Fund is nearly broke; DOT chief wants Congress' help

By Associated Press | 04/16/14 09:54 AM

On the road in a tour bus this week, the U.S. transportation secretary is spreading some bad news: The government's Highway Trust Fund is nearly broke.
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