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More climate change, more money problems

By Zack Colman | 07/30/14 05:00 AM

The White House and supportive Democrats tout the administration's climate strategy as a financial winner, while opponents argue it would hit people's pocketbooks and reduce electric grid reliability.
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Natural gas exports will have to wait until September

By Zack Colman | 07/29/14 08:44 PM

With the November midterm elections nearing -- in which Senate Energy Committee Chairwoman Mary Landrieu's seat is up for grabs -- the prospects of striking a deal are looking shaky.
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Clean-air rules assailed as too much, too little

By DAN ELLIOTTRAY HENRY | 07/29/14 05:52 PM

DENVER (AP) — Hundreds of people across the country lined up Tuesday to tell the Environmental Protection Agency that its new rules for power-plant pollution either go too far or not far enough. The agency is holding hearings this week in Atlanta, Denver, Pittsburgh and Washington on...
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