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Grover Norquist: Obamacare's latest victim is comprehensive immigration reform

By Paul Bedard | 11/27/13 12:00 AM

Lawmakers frustrated that Congress won't consider comprehensive immigration or tax reform can blame the 906 pages it took to write the Affordable Care Act and the subsequent 20,000 pages of regulations to enforce Obamacare.
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Miami law students call for more access to detainees

By Associated Press | 11/25/13 12:00 AM

MIAMI — University of Miami Law students say they are being denied full access to immigrants held at the Glades County Detention Center.
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Fox News: Facebook's Zuckerberg says immigration reform 'biggest civil rights issue of our time'

11/25/13 12:00 AM

( Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg suggested Sunday that U.S. immigration reform is “one of the biggest civil rights issues of our time.”
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