Policy Special Reports

The Economy (July 2014)

A three-part series on the Export-Import Bank, Dodd-Frank's war with itself and how to reverse the decline in small business lending. (July 2014)

Health Care

A four-part series on alternatives to Obamacare, why costs keep rising for consumers, and how problems in the Canadian health care system may be red flags for the United States. (June 2014)


A three-part series on energy policy. (May 2014)


A three-part series defense issues focusing on cybersecurity, foreign policy and military spending. (March 2014)

The Economy

A two-part series on the blight of bank bailouts and the pressing need for entitlement reform. (February 2014)

A Conservative Case for Universal Coverage

A three-part series examining Obamacare alternatives and what can be done to improve health care in the United States. (January 2014)

The Military in 2022

A three-part series on the future of defense, from financial efficiency to dealing with emerging cyber challenges. (November 2013)