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Obama heads off to raise money on the West Coast

07/22/14 02:38 AM

WASHINGTON (AP) — Amid a swirl of foreign and border challenges, President Barack Obama is embarking on the one mission that has regularly proved a winner for him — raising money for his fellow Democrats. Obama on Tuesday was starting a three-day West Coast trip, scheduled to attend at...
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Byron York: While Hillary Clinton offers a resume, Elizabeth Warren offers a plan

By Byron York | 07/21/14 08:31 PM

It seems almost too obvious to mention, but presidential candidates need a clear idea of why they want to be president.
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Michael Barone: Hillary Clinton's job approval rating as low as Obama's

By Michael Barone | 07/21/14 05:14 PM

A Politico poll strongly suggests that Hillary Clinton's attempts to put some distance between herself and the president's record are unavailing and perhaps doomed to failure.
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