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President says Obamacare enrollment has hit 8 million

By Meghashyam Mali | 04/17/14 04:08 PM

President Obama announced Thursday that 8 million consumers had signed up in Obamacare's federal and state insurance exchanges during the open enrollment period. “The Affordable Care Act is covering more people at less cost than a few months ago,” said Obama during a press briefing at the...
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Tom Steyer plans to back anti-Keystone XL lawmakers

By Zack Colman | 04/17/14 04:20 PM

Billionaire San Francisco climate activist Tom Steyer's NextGen Climate Action PAC will back vulnerable lawmakers who oppose the Keystone XL oil sands pipeline, he said in a Thursday letter.
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Obama: Military options 'not on the table in Ukraine'

By Susan Crabtree | 04/17/14 05:05 PM

President Obama clearly stated that the U.S. is not considering arming or providing lethal aid to Ukraine to defend its sovereignty against pro-Russian forces.
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