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Obama administration planning fixes to immigration law in coming weeks

By Susan Ferrechio | 04/16/14 05:11 AM

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson earlier this month told House Democrats he'll take action in the next few weeks on “fixes” to immigration law, most likely dealing with deportation.
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France's Thomas Piketty could be the Left's version of anti-debt Carmen Reinhart-Kenneth Rogoff

By Joseph Lawler | 04/16/14 08:28 AM

Thomas Piketty is worried that advanced countries like the United States are headed toward a future in which the wealthy grow ever richer while economic growth stagnates, and he believes that something must be done to prevent this “patrimonial capitalism” from taking hold.
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Changes to U.S. Census questions could cloud Obamacare impact

By Susan Crabtree | 04/15/14 06:49 PM

The U.S. Census Bureau is altering the questions it asks about health insurance so fundamentally that it will be hard to weigh the impact of President Obama's health care law against previous year's findings. The changes, first reported by the New York Times, are taking place just as the...
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