For White House, even small victories prove elusive in Gaza, Ukraine

By Brian Hughes | 07/28/14 09:19 AM

The White House this week will attempt to dial down tensions in both Gaza and Ukraine, as those conflicts rage on with little notice of U.S. efforts to limit the bloodshed there.
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Here's what the Fed could have bought with QE3

By Joseph Lawler | 07/28/14 07:45 AM

For perspective, if the Fed were allowed to buy stocks, at current prices it could have bought Apple, Google and Microsoft for that sum -- with General Motors and Ford thrown into the mix, with $44 billion left over.
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With days left until August recess, major legislation could be left undone

By Susan Ferrechio | 07/28/14 05:00 AM

Congress Monday will begin a final week of legislative action before adjourning for the August recess, but partisan gridlock threatens to leave key legislation unfinished.
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