Policy: Environment & Energy

Environmental group wants this agency to join climate fight

By Zack Colman | 07/23/14 05:00 AM

One environmental group thinks it knows how to measure the invisible. And if the Obama administration wants to combat climate change, it says what it's doing deserves a look.
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How Obama is saving the DNC money on his fundraising trips --- at your expense

By Susan Crabtree | 07/23/14 05:00 AM

If President Obama delivers a public speech during a fundraising swing, he can decrease the Democratic Party committee's bill for his Air Force One travel, but there's a mystery surrounding how much the law requires him to reimburse the U.S. Treasury.
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Businessman David Perdue bests Rep. Jack Kingston in Georgia runoff surprise

By Rebecca Berg | 07/23/14 07:47 AM

Public dissatisfaction with Washington and its elected officials was likely one factor that propelled Republican David Perdue to a narrow victory in Georgia on Tuesday over his runoff rival, Rep. Jack Kingston.
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