Obamacare legal decision is a setback, but not yet fatal

By Sean Lengell | 07/22/14 06:37 PM

In the legal chess match over health care, the Obama administration's next move is promising.
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White House: 'We're confident we will prevail' in Obamacare legal battle

By Susan Crabtree | 07/22/14 12:28 PM

The White House's top spokesman brushed aside the impact of a court ruling invalidating the federal government's ability to provide Obamacare subsidies, saying the Obama administration is confident that its legal case will prevail on appeal.
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Inflation flattens out in June, and some good news for consumers

By Joseph Lawler | 07/22/14 10:58 AM

Consumer inflation held steady at 2.1 percent yearly in June, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Tuesday morning.
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